The Instagram Exit Auction

Information and Terms of Auction

Basic information and time of the auction

From 16 December, 8pm, you can place bids on all the images in my feed for exactly seven days (23 December, 8pm). With this, you are also supporting my mother’s meaningful vision and thus a real project of the heart. 

Like in any auction, the highest bid per image wins the contract.

You’re bidding on a unique fine art print of the corresponding post, making it an edition 1 of 1worldwide.

After bidding, you have the choice of three print formats (all in 3:2 ratio).

Size S:     30 x 20 cm
Size M:     60 x 40 cm
Size L:     120 x 80 cm

Material: Canson Baryta Gloss (fine art printing paper)

5 steps to a successful bid

1. Navigate to the post you want to bid on in my Instagram feed.

2. Comment with your bid in EUR.

If it’s a post with multiple images, please remember to add the corresponding slide number (1 – 10).

Example: “250 EUR, Slide 3”.

3. Keep up to date on my channel to see if you have been outbid – especially towards the end of the auction.

4. If you are outbid, repeat steps 1 – 3.

5. If your bid is accepted, you will be contacted by me on Instagram at the end of the auction period. Please tell me your preferred size (S, M or L).

At the same time, please give me your shipping address so that I can inform you of the final selling price. You will then have the option to pay by bank transfer or PayPal (see “Terms of Auction” below).

Production costs to be expected

Size S:     EUR 16
Size M:    EUR 26
Size  L:    EUR 96

Calculation of the final price

The final price adds a 25% buyer’s premium, production costs and shipping costs (between 5 EUR for shipping a small format within Germany and 59 EUR for shipping a large format worldwide).

Example: Your bid of EUR 500 (= hammer price) wins and you decide for a print in size L. The final selling price is therefore:

Hammer price (EUR 500)
+ 25% buyer’s premium (= EUR 125)
+ production costs (96 €)
= EUR 721
+ shipping costs (depending on size and destination)

Please read the full terms of auction before bidding (see below).

Terms of Auction

§1 By submitting a bid, the conditions of sale are accepted. The bid is binding and not revocable. 

§2 In case of disagreement about a double bid or if I have overlooked a bid, I am entitled to cancel an already awarded bid and to re-auction the item. 

§3 All pieces are subject to differential taxation. A uniform buyer’s premium of 25% will therefore be charged on the highest bid achieved. 

§4 The buyer shall pay the purchase price (= final price) immediately after the acceptance of the bid and after the announcement of the final price. Payments are accepted:

1. By bank transfer

IBAN: DE26 4306 0967 1034 0252 00
Account holder: Oliver Selzer
Reason for payment: <your Instagram account name>.

2. Via PayPal

Preferably free of charge with the option “Send money to family & friends”. If you want to use the regular transaction (“pay for item or service”), fees apply.

Please add a message with your Instagram account name.

Important: The print-on-demand process will only be initiated after receipt of payment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support – good luck!

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